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Click By Kristopher Young - Sept. 07


September's Book Club book is - as everybody should already know because we've been hyping it a little bit...


[B][URL= by Kristopher Young

the 'back of book' blurb:

Click's hero is experiencing glitches in the universe. He may have tapped into a strange ability which gives him control over the world around him. Or, there's the disturbing possibility that he's a case study in paranoid schizophrenia. After all, they might be after him.

He's falling apart and to make matters worse, his girlfriend may just be crazier than he is. Forced to face his fears and come to terms with his own flawed nature, he must discover what it means to truly evolve.

thank you, kristopher


Of course he's got a myspace page: [URL=]His Page[/URL]

Oh and so does his book: [URL=]His Book's Page[/URL]

And before I forget - Kristopher just got back from his honeymoon. So everybody should welcome him back and congratulate him or something. Dang!

Kristopher has told me that he's come up with some questions for us that he will be posting. Oh yeah - did I forget to mention that he's leading the discussion on this one? Well he is. So that's another thing that we have to look forward to.