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Clever title about how interesting I am

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Hello everyone! My name is Aubree. I'm 22 years old and I live in Utah - born and raised. To answer your question... I'm not Mormon, I'm not a polygamist, and I don't have horns on my head. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that.

The most important things in my life are my family, my job, and my friends. I watched my uncle die when I was 16 and I moved out when I was 17. He died in our house and I could never come to terms with it as long as the damn sofa chair he took his last breath in was in our living room. I started college early... but it took me 4 years to get my associates degree. Pathetic, I know. Either way, I grew up a lot quicker than I should have, and at times I resent myself for it.

Enough with the sad bullshit stuff. My life is actually pretty great, I guess I just felt it pertinent to mention all of that because before any of that happened I was a depressed teenager who wasn't planning on living to see the age of 16. For some reason when my uncle died my life and everything in it became so much more beautiful. I learned never to take things for granted - and I will never be able to thank him for that.

I work in pharmaceutical research. I literally talk to people about their shit all day long. My company partners with a gastrointestinal clinic, so I do studies on people with IBS, uclerative colitis, crohns, all of that super interesting... shit. I basically give people medication that hasn't been approved by the FDA after running different tests on them to make sure they are healthy (ECGs, blood work, BP etc). And to answer your question... no, no one has ever grown a third arm. I think I get asked that every time I explain what I do. My company has 5 different locations, and at the one I work at I am the only employee. Imagine sitting in a box for 10 hours a day listening to The XX station on pandora and reading about people's bowel habits by yourself. It's much more fun to read about peoples bowel habits with friends. Anyway, I'm hoping soon I get to hire someone, just waiting for a big study to come through so it gets busy enough.

I have been dating someone for four years this July. I am pretty sure we will be married by next June, but I'm trying not to get too excited. He mentioned something the other night and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. We have a cute little puppy name Oliver and live in a 875 sq foot box. Not that that's a bad thing. We love our box - and our puppy.

My favorite book is Survivor, my favorite movie is The Illusionist, and my celebrity crush is Edward Norton. Oh, and I work with a doctor who is his doppelganger, so that's convenient. I danced for 16 years (mostly ballet). Now I golf, go to the gym, and occasionally snowboard.

Not sure if this is the type of information that accurately describes who I am; and I usually wouldn't be so open about myself, but what do I have to lose. Let the criticism begin... ;)