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Chuck's wikipedia wrong?

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I'm doing a project on Chuck and Choke and for the project i looked at his wikipedia for some of his life information. the thing that confused me though was that it said that chuck was gay. i was about to use this as part of the information about him when i figured i would double check that the information was real and not just some guy having his fun. (i actually wanted to prove a friend wrong about it too haha) so i searched around here and found [url][/url] this thread saying that he's had a wife for 8 years. now i dont know whether to believe anything on the wikipedia. can you guys clear this up for me/ maybe recommend somewhere else to find some information on him?

ps. here's a quote from the article

<a href=" wrote:
In">]In September 2003, Palahniuk was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly's Karen Valby. During the interview, Palahniuk confidentially mentioned information pertaining to his spouse. While it had been previously believed by many that he was married to a woman (some members of the press had claimed he had a wife), Palahniuk had in fact been living with his boyfriend. Some time later, Palahniuk believed that Valby was going to print this information in her article, without his consent. In response, he put an angry audio recording of himself on his web site, not only revealing that he is gay, but also making negative comments about Valby and a member of her family. However, Palahniuk's fears turned out to be ungrounded, and Valby's article did not reveal anything about his personal life outside of the fact that he is unmarried. The recording was later removed from the web site, making some fans believe that Palahniuk is embarrassed of his homosexuality. According to Dennis Widmyer, the site's webmaster, the recording was not removed because of the statements regarding his sexuality, but because of the statements about Valby. Palahniuk would later post a new recording to his site, asking his fans not to overreact to these events. He also apologized for his behavior, claiming that he wished he had not recorded the message