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Chucked Up

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Chuck Palahniuk's novels all share various Palahniukian things. For example the repeating of a sentence or the fact that weird but interesting and often little known facts are scattered throughout his novels. He himself has talked about the extensive research he does before he starts a novel. And I thought maybe you guys, being the Palahniuk lovers you are (the Chuck Club if you will, of which we all know the first 2 rules) would like to know of a mistake he made in Rant.

I apologize if this is old news to you, I have not read all the threads. In chapter 2 - Guardian Angels, Shot Dunyun is "quoted" saying how Buster used to listen to traffic reports from all over the world. Then he mentions various translations of the word "gridlock". "Imbottigliamento" (Italian), "Roosterslot" (Dutch) and "Saturation" (French). In the second one lies the error, "roosterslot" (pronounced: roasterslot) in Dutch means "grid lock", notice the space between "grid" and "lock". I know this because a Dutchman would know this. I am a Dutchman (Dutch Club anyone?). I think mr. Palahniuk looked "gridlock" up in a dictionary but, like me, saw that it isn't there. Then, I think, he checked "grid" and "lock" separately, that gave him "rooster" and "slot" and he just merged them thinking it would be the same as merging "grid" and "lock". Honest mistake, it's a bitch for a non-Dutchman to translate "gridlock".

In my dictionary, the second meaning it gives for "lock" is "verkeersopstopping" which means "traffic congestion" which is what he was looking for. But then again in another English - Dutch dictionary I have, under "lock" it doesn't say "verkeersopstopping" at all. Ánd, both the E - D dictionaries I have are based on British English not American English so there (probably) goes my theory, out the window together with the pot I piss in.

Even though it's a mistake, I like it. It's sort of like an in-joke for every Dutchman that reads Rant.

Extensive at the very least but I just couldn't help myself, I love to write.

And yes, quote hooks probably are going to haunt me in my dreams tonight.