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Chuck in Portland, 8/29/13

Hey guys! Just want to share the magic that happened last night.

As some of you may know, Andy Mingo, a filmmaker in Portland, Oregon, wrote and directed an adaptation of Palahniuk's short story "Romance". It was pretty awesome and less than 30 minutes long! You can watch the trailer here:

It was very entertaining.

Anyway, after the viewing, Chuck came onstage and read his new short story "Zombies"! It will be published in the October issue of Playboy. A very good story!

This was my first time seeing Chuck live, and I have to say he is awesome! He delivers his stories incredibly, and when he's explaining something, he does is SO clearly.

After his reading, and before the Q & A, he threw miniature stuffed cats at the audience. I was one of the lucky ones to catch one ^_^