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Chuck Palahniuk winnipeg smackdown

So, any one who was at the super happy fun smile Chuck Palahniuk extravaganza last night in winnipeg already knows what the title is refering too. What a man, Chuck doesn't take S#!+ from no one. He even politely said first that he didn't want anymore interruptions. I was sitting in the second row and it was almost embarrassing, who am I kidding, it WAS embarrassing to watch some bozo almost ruin the show by shouting out in middle of chuck trying to answer a very good question, "would he ever consider writing for children?" I owe eternal gratitude and thanks the brave man who stood up and apologized on behalf of our city, he may just have saved the night. I think the heckler should thank him as well, I mean, if the guy hadn't saved his a$$, then there would have been a couple hundred angry fight club fans itching for some release. And to the guy who answered his cellphone, how dumb do you have to be.

Anyways, with that said, I really enjoy Chuck's two short stories, it was like expieriencing "guts" for the first time again