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Chuck Palahniuk Fan Swag (Mailed Items, Reading Giveaways)

So, I am not sure if this has been covered or not but I really want to know this:

What items or "swag" has Chuck Palahniuk mailed his fans or given out at readings that reference particular scenes or events in his literature?

This is what I know (or think) so far:

[B]Inflatable Moose Head[/B]: from Rant (party crashers tie dead animals or something close to this onto their cars)

[B]Bridal Bouquet[/B] (or was it a bridal veil?)- from Rant (party crashers dress up as "just married" couples)

[B]Plastic Severed Body Parts[/B] - reference from a chapter in Haunted (that I can not remember the title of)

[B]Car Freshener[/B] "Meat Small" -references the same story that I can not remember above

[B]Plug In Nightlight Animal (penguin)[/B] - from Fight Club (your "power animal")

[B]Fake Cigarettes[/B] - reference to the short story "Love Nest" (I think?)

That is all I can think of. I was lucky enough to receive a fan box right before he stopped accepting fan mail on a regular basis. Things that I received in the box that I cannot connect to a book include:

-[B]Silly String[/B] (I assume this is just a fun item he sent out)

-[B]Bubbles[/B] (I assume this is just a fun item he sent out as well)

-[B]Seeds [/B](I can not remember what type (Forget Me Nots?) and the box is back at my parent's house in "storage," I remember thinking it was going to be referenced in Diary because that was the latest book out at the time but I don't recall much about seeds in Diary. Maybe from Lullaby?

-[B]Personalized Necklace[/B] (I assume just a really cool item he hand made for certain people, but maybe it references something?)

Another item that I know he has handed out at readings includes a:

[B]Squeezy Toy Hamburger[/B] -no idea what this about

Okay, so if you have received something from Chuck and you know that it references his literature or perhaps want to know what the something you have is referencing (or not referencing), please post so we solve these mysteries.

Thanks guys.