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Chuck, not just for men...

Ok, the instructions say I should post here, introduce myself and explain how I began reading CP's books, much like an AA here goes.  My name is Stacey, and I read Chuck's books.  Wow, what a relief.  This is my first cult and I'm kinda dissapointed I didn't get new Nikey's or Kool Aid...but whatever, I like it here. Here's how I found Chuck.  I ordered the movie Fight Club for my husband, thinking this was right up his alley, I had NO interest whatsoever in seeing this movie..but the things we do for I put the movie in, immediately im intrigued and the husband is snoring.  I watched that movie twice in one night.  The husband? never watched it again, but I was hooked (this happened with the Matrix too, which I also bought for him, he hated, and I loved, but whatever)   I read Fight Club, loved it and then I think I read Choke? No worries, I've read them all now...  So that's my little tale.  I love to read, mostly anything, I write, but I don't show anyone what I've written most of the time, I like movies and documentaries.  I am kinda a dork, but I'm comfortable with that.  I'm longwinded (case you hadn't noticed)  I like a good laugh, appreciate wit and sarcasm and hope to read some fun sh*t on these boards.  Thanks for having me!