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Chuck hits the Big D - 6/13

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Chuck continued his tour at the Border's bookstore in Dallas, TX yesterday.

He arrived at about 5:30 and commenced with signing books. There was at least 250 people in the bookstore, and when Chuck took a break at 7:00, probably 175 were still waiting for signings.

I myself got a copy of Fight Club and a copy of Haunted signed. In Fight Club, he wrote 'I am Rob's book!' In Haunted: "To Rob: Make some college mistakes!" along with a 'Roses and Shit Tour 2006' stamp.

The Border's people were trying to convince him not to do a reading or anything, but Chuck, being the good guy he is, insisted on it. So at 7:10 or so, after his break, Chuck arrives for a Q&A session. Those who asked questions received large artificial roses, and Chuck shared insightful stories, including the ones that inspired the events in his books.

However, at the beginning, he told us that it was going to be the 'light' version, because he's been in trouble for his language and story material at his readings, particularly Guts. He did his best, and was quite funny. During the retelling of the peeing in the soup scene from Fight Club, he said "And my friend would piss in the soup...Oh..I said piss." He did everything he could to refrain from language or dirtiness, but being good old Chuck, he ended his session with "So fuck yall!" Brilliant.

Anyhoo, it was my first time meeting Chuck, and it was great. Hello again to Scott and Susan, who I met while waiting in line, and I will definitely be there when he comes around again.