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Chuck Haunted Tour!

We have two US dates confirmed so far for Chuck's [URL= tour. Be sure to check back here as dates are added.

These events are also posted on the calender as soon as they come in . You can even request an email reminder using thecalender >Request Reminder for this Event (on the upper right hand side) Be sure to make sure you have a current email address registered.

Without furthur ado!

[b]May 19, 2005[/b]
Menlo Park California
Click [URL= for more information.

[B]May, 23, 2005[/B]
Click [URL= for details.

[B]May 31, 2005[/B]
New York City
Click [URL= for details.

[b][COLOR=Red]Update:[/COLOR][/b] Just so everyone understands, many more dates will be added soon. We're just going to post these as they trickle in. But if any of you receive word from a nearby bookstore or happen to notice new dates popping up on the Doubleday website before us, then by all means either []email us[/email] with the info or post it here in the feedback below. Also, remember that these dates are always subject to change, so check back frequently.