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Chicks Dig Chuck!

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So... I guess I'm not really "new" anymore. I joined a couple months ago, so I don't really feel all that new...
I have never really formally (or as formally as can be in this setting) introduced myself to everyone here.

My name is Clare. I'm 20, I live in Madison WI.
I pretty much live and breath Chuck.
I got into him when I read Fight Club in 2005.
I'd known about/loved the movie for some time and then discovered that there was a book that went along with it and decided to check it out.
Life got in the way so I didn't really familiarize myself with the rest of his works until about 3 months ago. I checked out "Survivor" and it blew me away! I continued on with my personal favorite, Invisible Monsters, onto Choke and now I am reading Lullaby.
I am a HUGE fan of all that I have read so far.
I really want to know all there is to know about Chuck, his style and... well everything!

That's my little bit.
I'm happy to have found this place...