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Cheers everyone...

How rude of me, I've been reading these boards for a couple of weeks, even replied to some topics, but I forgot to introduce myself. Well, here it is. Cristian, dude, Romania (no, there are no vampires and yes, Dracula is just a myth), and my daily addictions include Radiohead, Tool, Californication the series, Palahniuk, horror movies, spaghetti (carbonara, preferrably), soccer, NY Yankees, NFL, Dredg, Stephen King, Isis, hot chicks, Tarantino, Football Manager, Weeds. These are the addictions. Then come the hobbies. I won't get into that, it would take too much. Plus, I've got to go feed my insanity with some of the above, haven't done that today and it's already afternoon. ;)
Anyway, cheers everyone, I guess I'll see ya around :biggthump