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Check out these new authors!

You all know me by now for being a bit of a book lover and these past few months I came accross some smashing new authors. Every now and then I read abook and think These would go down well at the Cult so here are a few. Also if anyone wants to mention a few others go for it

Katie Kitamura- The Longshot

This book is for fans of MMA and everyone else. In other words pick it up. Its about the relationship between a fighter heading down to Mexico to scrap in a cage and his trainer. It lasts about the lenght of a Brock Lesnar fight but you will be entertained.

Vincent Louis Carrella- Serpent Box.

Have a look at your Facebook friends and there is a chance this guy is on the list. A while back he added me and recomended his own book. I have no problem with that since his book is awesome. Its a mix between Harry Crews and my favourite recent TV show Carnivale but dont get me wrong this guy has his own voice and I reckon you will be hearing more from him in future.

DeLeon DeMicoli aka Mr. Amazing - Lick Me and the short story collection, The Curse of Jezebel.

A few months ago DeLeon posted a thread about his new book coming out soon, White Belts. I couldn't wait so I ordered his previous two offerings. Both are fantastic and from Facebook and a few PMs at the Cult I can vouch for this guy being a stand up guy. Hes a self published author that deserves to be read by more.

Michael Sonbert - The Never Enders.

I love books I can relate to on a personal level but this one smacked me in the face. I'm a nice guy but I wasn't always and this book is me from the past. I gave the loan of it to friends of mine and they all came back and said it was the old me. I came accross it here as an advertisement on the Cult and nine times out of ten those ads dont let me down. Its one of the few books I can safely say I will read and reread again. I also got a sneaky peek of his forthcoming novel We Are Oblivion and I reckon this guy must be related to Will Christopher Baer in some way.

After my Book I Hated thread I wasa due a thread on the better side so here it is. If it means anything Im putting the Barca Boy stamp of approval on these novels. Check em out.