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Charles Bukowski anyone?

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   I was just curious if any of you have read any Charles Bukowski. If so, what are your thoughts? I recently just finished 'Post Office' and thought it was very good. Of course, I'm fairly easy to amuse. I think a big reason why I liked it so much was because the writing was so, for lack of a better word, honest. The main character Henry Chinaski, Bukowski's fictional alter ego, was so real that I could relate to a lot of what he was saying due to the fact that A) even though I don't work for the Post Office I do similar work and am in contact with postal clerks on a daily basis and know what they have to put up with and B) although I'm not an asshole, I've been known to be bitter my share of times. Haven't we all?

    Anyhow, I was just wondering who all out there had read any of his work. I'm going to receive "Women" in the mail in the next day or two and start reading that. Hopefully it will be a quick read like PO. Some of you guys amaze me how fast you read books. Kabol and Barca Boy must read a book an hour. Don't get wrong, I don't consider myself a slow reader but my wife and I have twin 14 month old sons so after working all day and coming home to them I don't get much free time, if any. Once the boys go to bed and I take care of everything else that I need to it only leaves me with less than an hour of reading time at night. And even then I'm usually  so worn down from the day I read about six or seven pages before my eyes get really heavy and I have to call it a night.

   Okay, I'm done rambling. Stay well.