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catchphrases and inside jokes

inspired by another post in another thread:

[i]Originally posted by willtupper [/i]
[B] friends and I say that to each other whenever something crazy happens. "Most people... normal people... would not do" live/breathe/eat/sleep with, whatever.

It's like our favorite catchphrase ever. [/B]

catchphrases and inside jokes can be fun, and i get a kick out of other people's.

Sooo.... what're yours? :)

a few of mine past and present:

"...and not in that cool way, either"
"________ suck(s/ing/ed) my ass and will to [b]live[/b]"
"on your KNEES bitch!!!!" (from my days as "virgin marker" at Rocky...)
"heputhisprickWHERE?" (always said like it's one word)
"doesn't that just suck dead bunnies through a straw..."
"here comes pizza" ("that's disgusting")
"It's a cute little dolly." (Ranma 1/2 refference. Translates to "Duh! That was obvious!)