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Caster Semenya is a....?

For those of you that haven't heard of her, Caster Semenya is an olympic sprinter from South Africa. Her gender was called into question when her 800 meter time was the fastest, not only in women's, but the men's sprinting division as well.

So I guess what I didn't understand about the articles I've read about this, was, by definition, chromosomes are what determine gender. This is also fairly easily tested. So why did this thing drag out forever?

Plus, the olympic officials did gender testing back in the day but stopped due to "inequities"? Why wouldn't it be included in all the other tests they receive before being allowed to compete? What is the inequity?

The results are that there is no public result. She or he or whatever, will keep the gold medal and money, but no one said whether or not she will be allowed to compete again or as what, nor are the results of the testing going to be released.

Article from the Times...