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Bukowski Thread


Believe it or not, Charles Bukowski is the whole reason I even discovered Chuck Palahniuk.

Well, maybe not entirely. But it was Bukowski's grungy writing that spun this reader away from the world of swords and magic, which eventually led to the search for more "edgy" writing.

Shortly after my love affair with Bukowski, I discovered CP's own trangressive renderings. And the rest, dear friends, is history.

Disclaimer: This thread is inspired by Bukowski talk in other Book Club threads, so I am expecting at least one response. Dammit.

Or course, the classic:

These poems started everything between me and Charles:

Very strange and messed up stories...also the collection that got me interested in writing fiction(again):

Pulp(newer novel):

Worth reading, but this says it all:


Collection of early poetry(good stuff):

Collection of newer poetry:

And of course, my favorite Bukowski of all:

And that, folks, is my collection of Bukowski Literature.