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Brand Spanking New

Love the website. I've been a fan of Chuck's for a while. I write philosophical horror stories, or dark themed parables.

Right now, I'm the guest selections editor at SNM Horror Magazine. I just started writing about a year ago. My first novel, Bullets Till Midnight is ready for query. I've won Story of the Month and placed in the top 3 with short stories.

I'm an ex-paratrooper who takes care of my kids and writes. Cliche molds much of me, as I want to show my kids that you can do anything. I know that we can't all be rich; I just want to write something meaningful.

I look forward to helping people edit and can not wait to get my work up here. I'll be writing edits as well as I can. Do you only get 2 points per edit? Can I edit something bigger for more points?

Twisted Dreams,

Draven Ames