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The box

 The box:


you know how the box makes you look in at an angle?

and how the left eye goes to the right side of the brain?

and the right side is the creative/more susceptible to abstract ideas?


What if the box shows a quick film that rapidly changes your view on life?

It would be more effective since you would know the Box superstition and the Right brain would receive it.

Remember the "false" story the old guy wrote (forgot the name)?

something about how we all live on Venus if we have suffered enough?

suppose that is what was shown in the box.

people who think they suffered enough would just go and kill themselves

and if the don't think they suffered enough, they would suffer until they die to get to "heaven".


Pretty sure that is what happens (the suffer and the suicide) in the book, but if you can show an example i would enjoy it very much.



Other note: this theory would fit in with the "The Stories We Write Are From Our LIfe" theme...... if the old man saw the box.