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Boosting vs. Sim Stim -Idea borrowing.

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I have all ready noticed the recent "plagiarism" thread and would like to first add as a reminder that we all idea borrow as writers. In my eyes this is a necessary and healthy aspect of creating to continue to fully realize and evolve previous ideas into new beasts which inevitably end up becoming interesting stories.

On this note I am just into the first third of of this book (avoiding spoiler threads like the plague) and was a bit confused at first by the introduction of boosting in Rant as it applied initially in the classroom setting and then became fully clear in the chapter dedicated to boosting. It caught me off guard that sci-fi would pop up in this redneck town scenario until I realized what exactly was going on.

It came to me.
Oh yes, I have heard of this theory before.
Even lowlifes get tech in the near future.
Just like us tapping away on keyboards now, we will jack into the comedy network later.

The idea of jacking into media was (first?) offered up by William S. Gibson in his cyberpunk books and was called Sim Stim in these novels. This is not to be confused with Gibson's theories on jacking into cyberspace. It was basically jacking the brain into a TV show, movie, or any other media to put yourself in the narrators shoes. We had Bobby's Mom totally addicted to soap opera Sim Stims in the novel Count Zero before she was blown up in her apartment in the projects. Case went everywhere behind Molly's eyes in Neuromancer.

Now if we were to be close minded individuals, one may scream "Shenanigans!" or instigate "Plagiarism!", though I think Mr.P really evolved the idea Mr.G originally (?) presented. Especially regarding a certain tweaking of the boost/SimStim through drug users as a type of filter and I hope will assume an even bigger role as Rant continues. In both author's works this had completely replaced movies and other forms of entertainment.

Think of ideas as a Magic card. They are to be used differently in each person's battle.
(No, I'm not a "The Gathering" nerd, but I am a nerd so piss off and don't focus on that.)

As far as technology goes I agree with Gibson and Palahniuk that this is a possibility for the future.
An idea worthy of borrowing and then in turn exploring.

Not trying to instigate a fight. Actually it'd be nice to hear if any of you minds out there could suggest other positive idea borrowing by Palahniuk or any other authors. Shit, the band Sublime could be accused of ripping off their whole catalog and it is still seen as legendary. I greatly enjoyed the Hamlet reference in the plagiarism scrap. Lets hear some more interesting tidbits like that or an extension on the subject of boosting/Sim Stim as a reality if we can't continue to discuss idea borrowing.

Here are two options for this thread and fighting about plagiarism is not one of them.

This is my first offering as a Cult member.
Siftus out.