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Books you stopped reading . . .


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either because they were boring or hard to read.

I got about six pages into Gravity's Rainbow before giving up and about one line into Finnegans Wake before returning it to the library.

I believe I got past the first small part of Ulysses before realizing I had no idea what the hell was going on or what I had just read.

Vengence (the book the film Munich is based on) I stopped reading because it talked at length about the political history of Israel and I didnt understand a word of it.

those rate high on the holy-fuck-this-is-difficult-to-read scale.

stopped House of Leaves because it was boring (especially Truant's sections) and wholly uninteresting.

City of Night because the protaganist was probrably the most loathsome character I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.

got bored with American Psycho. will most likely give it another chance soon.

last book I tried was Answers to Job by Jung. hard to read and boring. works on psychology, religion, and philosophy are generally pretty dull reads.

there are probrably countless other books I got a page or a paragraph into before putting it down. If it doesnt interest me from the get-go it probrably wont interest me five pages down the road.