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Books I hated


A while back I was posting in the monthly book thread and I mentioned a book I hated. Nate thought it was the first book I seemed to dislike. Here are a few I really hated and instead of a boring book review I will just say a few bits about it.

The Cardinal Of The Kremlin by Tom Clancy:

I read this about 8 years ago at one of my lowest points of my life, so maybe Im being a bit cruel on Tom Clancy. I was going out with a girl at the time and after acting like an asshole I was faced with a 14 hour bus journey to apologise. My friend gave me thi book to keep me occupied on the trip. I fucking hated it, I think after every few pages I would put it down and curse my dear friend who only meant well. I swore I would kick his ass but he was bigger than me. Damn you Tom Clancy.

Doctor Norrell and Mr Strange by Sussanna Clarke:

I think it was Sniffalotapuss who said he liked this book but honestly it was the worst piece of shit I read last year and possible the longest. I read the first bit and thought Woah this is fairly good but it could be better, unfortunately it didnt improve at all. It was so bad I used pages of it to line Cujos litter tray but he ended up shitting on the floor, nuff said.

More coming...

What books did you guys hate?