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book trading club

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Some people like to collect books. Me, I like to read em and pass em on. I have so many good books sitting here taking up shelf space and you probably do also. That's why I am proposing a book trading system.
I will list books that I think y'all might like and books I want to read and if others do the same I can stop giving B&N and amazon all my money. What do u think? We can bring the publishing conglomorates down.

I Have To Trade:

The Informers
Glamorama - Ellis
Stranger Than Fiction-Chcukie P.
Generation X-Coupland
Contortionist's Handbook-Clevenger
Kiss Me Judas-Baer
Geek Love- Dunn
Hocus Pocus - Vonnegut
Phillip K. Dick Reader
How We Are Hungry-Eggers

I Need
Hells Half Acre-Baer
Less Tahn Zero
Rules of Attraction-Ellis
The Anomolies
Any Amy Hempel
Slaughterhouse 5 - Vonnegut
Jesus Son
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep-Phillip K. Dick
The Beach - Garland