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Book Ripoffs

I don't get those people that read every LotR inspired book written by someone else other than Tolkien, or the similiar Star Wars, Star Trek.

These people need to get lives and read something ORIGINAL and DIFFERENT.

Like if someone, other than Chuck, wrote a sequel/spinoff to Fight Club, how f*cking boring and retarded would that be. Sorry to some of the people in this forum, that have done this, but they haven't been published so I'll let it slide.

JKabol wrote:
^^^Where did this preaching shit come from: motherfucker, I loved many of the [I]Star Wars[/I] novels a few years ago when I read about thirty of them. I don't think that you are making accurate comparisons, because a novel spinning off of that epic saga is not quite the same as a novel like [I]Tyler Takes Manhattan[/I]. And [I]LOTR[/I] is a huge fucking universe that I doubt you’ve read.

Don't think you know what you are tangenting about. Judgmental prick.

I'm sorry, like I said I couldn't read LotR because it bored the hell out of me.
But seriously fine you like them, I can't hold that against you. If it entertains you, that's great. I just think it's boring, sold out, unoriginal. These same type of people that write Star Wars: The Lost Universe, are the same type of people that write Lora Croft: The Mayan Prophecy (These are/may not be real books, but you get the point). These people can't think of something new and original so they leech off of something successful and make money off of it. Same reason I [B]HATE[/B] pop punk music, and pop music.