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The Book Club's Very Unofficial Pointless Announcements Thread


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i was thinking the other day we need a thread for just random shit to do with books. new releases you're pumped about. shit you've heard on the grape vine. all that shit that isn't worth a whole thread and belongs nowhere else.

so, do get it kick-started, i saw this just now on amazon, and it got me substantially wet:

i fucking love the cover.

and this is what Publishers Weekly had to say, it's basically a slightly more detailed synopsis than the one the publishers gave:

Starred Review. Ellis explores what disillusioned youth looks like 25 years later in this brutal sequel to Less Than Zero. Clay, now a screenwriter, returns at Christmas to an L.A. that looks and operates much as it did 25 years ago. Trent is now a producer and married to Clay's ex, Blair, while Julian runs an escort service and Rip, Clay's old dealer, has had so much plastic surgery he's unrecognizable. While casting a script he's written, Clay falls for a young, untalented actress named Rain Turner, and his obsession and affair with her powers him through an alcoholic haze that swirls with images of death, mysterious text messages, and cars lurking outside his apartment. The story takes on a creepy noirish bent—with Clay as the frightened detective who doesn't really want to know anything—as it barrels toward a conclusion that reveals the horror that lies at the center of a tortured soul. Ellis fans will delight in the characters and Ellis's easy hand in manipulating their fates, and though the novel's synchronicity with Zero is sublime, this also works as a stellar stand-alone.

looking forward to this. i'm sure there's a few of you out there that feel much the same.

oh, and while i've got you here, and we're on the topic of BEE. anyone read this. it also just came to my attention.