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Book About Writing

I'm like 100% positive that this has been tackeled in the Writer's Workshop Forums. But I thought it would be a cool thread for here too.

I'm looking for books about writing. Books that taught you something. Books that inspired you. Books that were very well laid out to make the process less foreign.

I know sometimes it seems like I'm hiking without a compass. Am I doing it the way everybody else is? Does that even matter? Should I outline? Just write?

So - yeah - I'm looking for books about writing. What's everybody's favorite? This can be a mixture of inspirational, technique, or whatever.

Some of mine:

- Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
- Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg
- On Writing by Stephen King
- The Art of Fiction by John Gardner
- Gotham Writer's Workshop

What do you guys like?