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My name is Younes. You. Nes. Like the coffee.
I don't, though.

I've been coming here for a while now but never actually went for it, probably because of... I really don't know.

I'm Moroccan and I live in France, which, let's face it, is extremely original. I did however wait for my English not to suck too much to join the Cult.

I'm 26, I teach music and communication science and I play bass guitar in metal and jazz and latin bands.

The first thing I ever wrote, at age 15, was a short story in arabic about an Imam who one day, thanks to the incredibly talented Moroccan hackers, gets cable TV for free and falls in love with Sylvia Saint, the pornstar. If God says she's a heaten, he says, then fuck God. And so his priority in life is to, well, find and fuck her.
I got thrown out of school for a week.
And published by a clandestine webzine a few weeks after that. And I got laid for the first time thanks to that publication.

I tried writing in French, mostly switching words in famous LaFontaine and Molière poems to make them bloody and deviant. You know, 16, 18, metalhead, blood, pikes, black metal, satan, The Flowers of Evil, the whole nine yards.

Then I tried writing in Spanish. But I hated it.

And so now after a few years devouring books in English, I'm working on a novel in English and a short novel in French. I like the ping pong situation.

I'm very excited to hopefully become a part of this place.