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Big Bad Miranda


So about Miranda, was it supposed to be a man or woman? It was almost like Chuck didn't want us to know. Miranda never said one way or another what (s)he was, which I found a possible reference to the name Miranda, from the infamous court case of the rapist who didn't know he didn't have to confess to his crime. Miranda in the book never admits one way or another what it is.

I found it interesting that Miranda was supposed to a "man's woman", and I loved that quote about there being a dick on every page of Cosmo, which I find very true. Most men (myself not included) have a fascination with 'perfection' in a woman's physical appearance, ie no freckles, moles, birthmarks, unnatural breasts, no body hair, lots of make-up, etc. Perhaps its a side effect of the porn-on-demand generation, but that's another issue. Anyways, was it supposed to be that Miranda was a dude just faking, or was Miranda just a woman who looked so extremely feminine that one would assume she was a guy passing? Either way, I found the concept of the women's group 'raping' her very symbolic and meaningful, in a Chuck kind of way.