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Best and Worst shows

Name 'em, kids. The best and worst concerts you've ever been to, and give us a brief run down on why.

Best: Flogging Molly. [URL='s why.[/URL]

Worst: Gorillaz. I dig their disc, but the show wasn't run very well. The opener was an amateur DJ that barely mixed at all. We basically just listened to a record or two of some people I didn't know rapping. As for the show, I might as well have been listening to the CD really loudly because I would've gotten the same effect. When it came time for an encore, they didn't have anything prepared, so they replayed a song they'd done earlier in their set. It was their first tour date ever, though, so I have to give them that. I won't be buying any more of their tickets though. Cost to bloody much for such a shite show.