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Being gut free (spoilerish?)

Having become acquainted with some people who are gut free, I now know that if you lose your rectum and asshole, you will end up with a stoma and a colostomy bag. A stoma is a small opening on your abdomen where they terminate the end of the gut at a small opening in the skin. A plastic bag plugs in there, and liquid form poo just goes directly in there every time you eat. If they just hooked up your guts where your asshole used to be, you would be completely incontinent and just have diarrhea constantly, because there would be no muscle there to act like a valve to stop the poop from coming out. Then you can also suffer from "short gut syndrome" where you do not absorb enough nutrients, and possibly do not re-absorb enough bile either. In that case, you may need supplementary Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) which is a nutrient-rich liquid typically injected through a PICC line around the collarbone area, as they sometimes do with people who have eating disorders.