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The beginning of world war III, or the most important election in Swedish history.

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Next Sunday, the 19th o September, it's the election for the Swedish Parliament (riksdagen).
It is of course as usual an important election, every single one is, but this year it is more important than perhaps ever before.

First of all, to get into the Swedish parliament, you'll need 4.o% of the collected votes, then you get a corresponding amount of the 349 seats in the parliament, i.e. yo get 25.78% of the votes; you get 90 seats (naturally making your opinion more heard). Everyone who is a Swedish citizen can make it to the parliament, ultimately becoming prime minister, and everyone can form a political party, and with that party you can for example have only one question, and you can get a lot of votes, if you play your cards right.

In 1930's Germany, in a time of very bad economy, where there was high unemployment, and a certain group of people who where easy to blame, about the same system led to the following:

World War II, Motherfuckers!

Well, basically it did, but you all know that.

What is happening in Sweden, is that a political party calling themselves the "Swedish Democrats"(or SD) is probably getting a seat, or even two.
But, you say, they sound nice, their name has something with democracy in it, which is a good thing right?
Well democracy is the right path, but SD is not in the least.

Their soul question, that will get them votes, is about the hate and fear of a religious group -and people recognizing that same religion- the number one most easy to blame for everything bad right now. Islam.

They are of course Islamophobes.

It's about terrorism, rape, murder, theft and how they take all the welfare, and well, you probably know everything whoever you are blaming for all that's bad do.
Only thing is, every fact they've put forward, in media debates, in their party platform and just about everywhere else is false.
Manipulated facts.
Muslims aren't overrepresented in the criminal group. They aren't fanatic religious extremists, but they are like ordinary people, and an Enormous (with other immigrants) asset to Sweden.
In fact, only 72% of all immigrants who come to Sweden has to work for the whole thing to be beneficial, compared to 92% of all native Swedes.

SD will bring more and more hate, until Sweden is a country no one seeks refuge in, but a country you seek refuge from. And that, makes me very sad, since I love my country very much.

I of course do not really mean I think this will lead to WW III.
BUT! History has told us bad things happens if you let a Political Party with only hatin' on the agenda is bad fucking news.

But, hopefully they will not get a seat. And I've just wasted half an hour or 45 minutes of my life writing this.
This is their commercial for the election. It scares the shit out of me, that people vote for these fuckers.

You probably grasp the meaning of the video.