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BEER: a thread


taking nat parkers great idea.

i used to just drink natural ice and light cuz it was cheap, about 5 years ago i started tring all kinds of beer, i wanted to try everything, that chilled for awhile while living in vegas cuz i could buy 9.0 and 10.0 24oz for like 1.29, three or four of those and i'm fucked, here in s.l.c. (btw the beer at the gas station here is only 3.2, assholes) if you go to the liquor stores you can get stronger and exotic beers, i've began once and awhile buying some new ones.
personally my fav is probably rolling rock, it's smooth no bad after taste. (i get a little giddy when i see someone drinkin it in a movie)
i also enjoy pete's wicked ale strawberry blonde and becks.mmm.
and there is local brews here such as:
st. provo girl and polygamy porter.

what do ya'll enjoy?