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Battlestar Galactica

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Anybody else here seen this show?

I just finished watching it, and although it had it's flaws I think it's a great show overall. I like it's ambition, they took some big leaps over the course of the series and it's one of the few shows where I didn't want to know what was going to happen, so I'll break my discussion down into seasons to avoid giving too many spoilers.

I haven't seen any of the movies or the webisodes. I was a bit confused when I rented the first season and the first episode started with a voice-over saying 'Previously, On Battlestar Galactica...'. I was fairly easy to figure out the score though. It seemed like a sci-fi version of Deadwood, focusing on how people forge a society under great pressure. I don't actually remember much about the first season, I might go back and watch it at some point.


I really, really loved season 2. That was when it all took off for me. There were some pretty great story arcs, particularly the two 'balance of power' storylines, the first between the military and the civilian government and the second one about the conlflict between the rule of Galactica and the rule of Pegasus. Then of course the final episode blew me away.


I thought this series was a bit disappointing, apparently the network asked the writers to tone down the long story arcs to attract more viewers, and it didn't really work. A lot of people have written about the first few episodes, when they're living under Cylon rule. That was pretty great but it felt rushed, I would have liked to see more of that, they jumped right into the 'suicide bomber' thing without showing much about real life under cylon rule. The season still had some good episodes, like the one with the cylon virus (although that felt under explored too) and when Baltar becomes a sort of communist icon.


Season four was a bit of a return to form, especially when they found Earth to be uninhabitable, leading to the badass mutiny episodes.

The end of the series was so-so, damn cheesy when they jumped to modern day.

Anybody seen the Razor or the Caprica movies? What do you think about the prospect of a prequel series?