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Battle Royale Manga

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For those who read Battle Royale a few months ago as part of the bookclub (pretty much my last months as BookClub in charge), I'm not sure if you remembered but there was a manga english-translation in the works as well. There are now 6 volumes out (I believe it will be 11 total). I currently finished the first volume and it was pretty damn good. The manga was not censored (it's a 18+ M rating). The blood and gory is there, and so is the sex. I don't think there is any glamoration of pornography though, at least so far.


Each volume are $9.99

I recommend this very much. As I read the next volumes, I will let you know if it stays true to the novel.

On a side-note, has anybody seen the Battle Royale I & II movies?

If you live in the US near a mediaplay ( [url][/url] ), you can order them, it takes about a business week to get to the store, and you will receive 10% off. The manga will come shrinkwrapped because of the mature rating, meaning it will be in perfect new condition.

I read Volume I & II, and it indeed stays very true to the novel so far. It's pretty graphic and gory as I expected, I'm enjoying reading this manga series so far!