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The Barca Boy Stephen King Giveaway


Anyone want some Stephen King books?


Im a fiend for King and since my post Rehab days Ive built up quite a collection. Now its time to give it away. Im going to keep one hardback copy of each of his books for myself and the rest are going to my fellow Culties. I could easily bring them all off to the secondhand shop in Galway and trade them in but I would prefer if they were read and not left on a shelf in a storeroom. So if you want one let me know through this thread.

As of two weeks time, one person a week is entitled to between 1 and 4 King books which I will post out from Ireland. To help you choose you can use this great website for a Bibliography,

If youve never read a King book but may like one I will choose one for you.

First up to go is 3 copies of On Writing, its a non fiction account of how to write, well worth having for any budding writers. I would love to send it to anyone who takes part in the Workshops.

I will keep sending until my collection is gone.

I dont want anything in return but if you insist a crad, letter or spare kidney will do.


Happy Reading!