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Bands that were awesome and then bad and then awesome again

So I used to love In Flames.  They kicked ass in all the ways a band should kick ass.  Then they abruptly started sucking.  Literally...they had this album called Clayman which was great, and then their next album was a piece of shit called Reroute to Remain.  Then they put out another shitty album called Soundtrack to your escape.  I gave up on them.  They may have even put out a third shitty album...I'm not sure.  That's how angry I got. 


But then suddenly, this week, I find out that their last two albums are really good again!  This never happens!  What a lovely surprise!  In fact, there's one song I can't get out of my head and am totally in love with.


So you...what bands did you used to love before they turned to shit but now you love them again?