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bad copy?

I looked through some of the posts and tried to find something similar to this but I couldn’t, and I’m at school so I don’t have all the time in the world to sift through the forum. So I’m sorry if this was already posted 

I think my friend may have a bad copy of Survivor? I would see if mine is the same but I don’t have my copy with me today.

In her book, it starts with like, chapter 47 and the last page number. And counts down, and when you open the back of the book, there is chapter one.

She doesn’t know whether you’re supposed to actually start with chapter 47… or go to the back and start with 1 and just read her book backwards. It’s chuck, you really can’t know what to expect. Haha.

So I figured I’d help her out by asking this hereeee, and just in case my copy is the same way

how is this supposed to work? Haha 