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Back from my August 2012 grave

Wow, I haven't ventured into these discussions in almost 1 1/2 years. Curiosity brought me back. I always loved my time here. Found the people engaging, intelligent, and fun to communicate with. The curiosity part: is it still the same?

Briefly about me: I'm 31. I first started participating at The Cult forums if September 2007, if dates can be trusted, which means I spent much of my formative late twenties here (screw the teens; twenties are the true formative years. Or at least, they create a much more important form of yourself). Says me, the wizened 31 year old.

I read. Of course. Currently halfway through Brian Evenson's Immobility. I'm an enormous Evenson fan. He's an American great, if you ask me.

Most of my time is spent divided among work, family, making YouTube videos, and writing. I've got a YouTube channel focused on books and stupid humor ( I have 5 books of fiction published.

It's good to be back, I think.