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Baby Names.


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What a kerfuffle!

Cult Mum's and Dad's share your baby naming stories and advice with me please.

Culties, make some suggestions!

Me and the bloke are stuck.

We're having a lot of trouble thinking of names.

Even if we've decided before the baby comes, we're not telling anyone names.

Here are some that have been suggested to us, most of them not serious:

Beetlejuice (This is what my mum currently calls baby, much to our horror)
Mittens Glover (Bloke's last name is Glover, but we're planning on hyphenating last names: Ryan-Glover)
Hattie Glover
Giardia Pap Smear
Shut Up
Piss Off
Rara Mara Manfa
Brianny Ryan (for rhyming purposes)
Rosie. (if only my cat's name wasn't Rosie!)

Frank had a good one in chat the other day... Moxie something.