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Aww, cripes; here goes...

Greetings, everyone.

Been lurking off & on for a while, even tried the chat room a couple times, but I discovered I have even less to add to an online conversation than I do to one with people I actually sort of know.

Anyhow, never having been a part of one, I thought I'd try joining the community. And although I can't afford it, I really, really think I need to upgrade to **Premium** soon. Let's just say that I've been... disappointed... with what's available in some of the online writing forums.

So, I hope to offer critiques to some engaging work--that has actually been proofread by its author (!) --and, following that, post some of my own work. I get the impression that rarely will punches be pulled, and that no one is likely to drop a piece due to a few profanities uttered by 12-year-old aliens.

As for the rest of the forum thing, well, I'll give it a shot. But bear with me-- I'm really not good at it. (Plus, I've got this bear with me...)