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Avatar Masterpiece Theatre - VI (5th I think?)


[B][U] An Interview With Chuck[/B][/U]

[IMG] *grinning and fiddling thumbs nervously* Hi...

[IMG][/IMG] Hi.

*moment of silence*

[IMG] ha ha, your Chuck Palahniuk.

[IMG][/IMG] ha ha, yeah thats what the back of my books say.

[IMG] ha ha ha ha!!!!.......that was funny.

[IMG][/IMG] yeah.

[IMG] *looks at feet fiddling thumbs* ha, yeah. thats so cool.

[IMG][/IMG] yeah.

[IMG] *looks at the ground fiddling thumbs, than jolts up* HEY! do you, do you remember when you wrote Fight Club.

[IMG][/IMG] uh-huh

[IMG] yeah that was so cool, ha..ha.

[IMG][/IMG] what was?

[IMG] *suden look of shock and fear* umm, umm when you wrote the ending to Fight Club. *smiling looking off into the distance, somewhat mumbling* the same guy, ahh didnt see that one coming.

[IMG][/IMG] ha ha, glad you liked it.

[IMG] yeah...hey, do you re-remember when umm you did that conference, and i waved and said hey.

[IMG][/IMG] ummm, sure.

[IMG] *looking at the ground chuckling* that was so cool.

*voice from the back of the room* ask him a good question!

[IMG] *picks up rock and chucks it* SHUT UP IM TRYING!!!!!!!!


[IMG] heh, heh, sorry about that...

[IMG][/IMG] *look of fear with quick response* thats ok.

[IMG] hey do you remmeber-

[IMG][/IMG] *look of fear with quick response* im gonna get going now.

[IMG] oh, umm ok. thanks for doing the-

[IMG][/IMG] *running out of the room* not a problem bye!