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Avatar Masterpiece Theatre - Act III


[IMG] woah that really there?

[IMG] ...i think....go touch it or something.....

[IMG] .....thats the biggest fooking hamburger i've ever mirkah?

[IMG] gobble gobble gobble

[IMG] (surprised look)....*whispers to knox* mirkah turned into a turkey

[IMG] thats not the biggest of our problems man, the fucking condoms in the bathroom are trying to bite me!

[IMG] garghhhhhhh

[IMG] AHHHH what the fuck was in that moonshine you got!?!

[IMG] i dont know man! the guy unloaded the stuff from his gas tank! i figured if the stuff didnt expire from that, than it would be safe!

[IMG] (jumps on top of knox and starts beating him) you dumb lil fucker!

the two fall onto the ground and face the television

[IMG] ....what the fuck is going on with the television?!?!?!?



[IMG] aww man i cant take much more of this, talking condoms demonic possession on tv.......and your cats tyring to seduce me man!

[IMG] *winks* hey boys

the two jump up on the couch

[IMG] ahhhhh
[IMG] ahhhhhh

the two suddenly look towards the window in reply to someone yelling "hey guys"

[IMG] ahhhhhh die martha stewart!

Knox throws a large paper weight resembling a ball out the window towards the voice



[IMG] no its just tupper!!!!!

[IMG] oh....qucik pass me the lamp!

[IMG] no you dumbass (pushes knox off of couch causing him to fall off backwards)
besides the stuff is wearing off

[IMG] yeah, that was messed up........... wanna do some moonshine shots?

[IMG] already got the shot-glasses out