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Author needs OUTSPOKEN male feedback for book research

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I'm looking for male volunteers interested in helping with research regarding "Everything Every Man Should Ever Know".

Requirements I'm looking for:

Sex: Male
Age: 18 - 100
Marital Status: Any
Children: With or without kids
Residence: Any
Race: Any

Volunteers MUST:
1. Be willing to fill out detailed research surveys.
2. Be interviewed by phone.
3. Give examples from their own life.
4. Be truthful and honest.
5. Be opinionated
6. Be outspoken.
7. Be unfiltered.

Please take a look at the "Sample/Teaser" survey for the project posted below. If this sounds like something you would enjoy participating in, email me for more info.

“Life Lessons of a Single Father to Be”
Research Survey

I'm a happily married, stay at home dad with two sons. We always deal with "guy stuff" the best we can while still staying inside "Mom's Guidelines". So I've decided to break the rules and write a book for every man told through the eyes of a single father-to-be. I'm doing research for my new book. I need A LOT of straightforward input from only men. I'm hoping for tons of testosterone fueled, unapologetic, chauvinistic male views and ideas on the subjects. I want you to pretend that your wife/girlfriend isn't holding your testicles hostage in her purse right next to her lipstick and tampons. Just answer these as if you and your son are the only two people around... it's the only way to get the honest answers and input I need. As soon as you can get this info to me the faster I can start working on the book, "Life Lessons of a Single Father to Be".

1. If you have or might have a son, what advice would you give him if your significant other couldn't stop you.

2. What do you wish someone would have told you growing up? (if you talk about it you can start to heal)

3. What personal hygiene help/advice would have helped you avoid embarrassment?

4. What sex advice? (good, bad and coyote ugly)

5. What knowledge can you pass along about the "fairer" sex? (shouldn't our sons benefit from the decades of trial and ERROR we suffered through for thinking that women actually think, act and respond like the ones in porn?)

These are just a few questions to let you know what I’m looking for. The book will be a complete manual filled with the untold “secrets” for every man, not just the unborn child in the book. So I would love to hear all of your stories, ideas, opinions and nightmares that will help turn this into the FIRST & ONLY handbook/manual needed for every single guy. All information gathered will be kept anonymous so you can feel free to unburden it all.