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Australian Films


ok, fuck all that Hollywood shit. if you want to see some real films. watch these. and think about it, id never steer you guys wrong. also, you will note alot of famous aussies in these, before they did hollywood shit. and no baz lurhrmann, hes a fool. see also: a hack. watch Strictly Ballroom, and tell me you havent suffered at the site of Paul Mercurio-- and ill know youre a liar.

[URL=]Bad Boy Bubby[/URL]
mothers who rape sons, dead cats in plastic. whats not to like?

[URL=]Metal Skin[/URL]
petrol heads and satanists.

[URL=]Muriel's Wedding[/URL]
nothing has ever made Abba slightly amusing before this

[URL=]The Castle[/URL]
a brilliant film about a guy trying to save his house
made by one of our best comedy insitutions, the D-Generation.

about our most famous criminal- fuck that homo ned kelly

[URL=]Ghosts of the Civil Dead[/URL]
absoultely brutally violent, about a futuristic prison

[URL=]Romper Stomper[/URL]
the racial-hate-lives-in-suburban-melbourne film

a charming little film about romance at a private school
has nicole kidman as the head bitch. funney.

[URL=]Bangkok Hilton[/URL]
nicole kidman gets done for drugs inThailand

[URL=]Strange Planet[/URL]
fuck Friends, this is a 3 guys, 3 girls story that works

[URL=]The Interview[/URL]
when Hugo decides to do real acting.

[URL=]Children of the Revolution[/URL]
an Australian woman that has Stalin's baby

and ill add more later.
now see these, or youre life is not worth living.