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Atkins to be Released?

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They might be releasing Susan Atkins, a.k.a. Sadie Mae Glutz from jail. As you hopefully know, she was the leading lady for Charles Manson that stabbed Sharon Tate  17 times, until she "stopped screaming", then tasted her blood and wrote the word "Pig" with it on the walls. Tate was pregnant at the time, and was having a party that night. The other guests were killed as well, including Jay Sebring.

Anyway, they might be releasing Atkins for "compassionate release" because she's dying of brain cancer. She's been costing the state of Cali 1.4 million bucks since March with all her guards and medical care. She's been in jail for about 37 years I think, the longest female incarcerated in the history of the state of California.

She seemed to show little remorse for her victims, refusing to even confess until she was being sentenced (probably to lessen her term.) She was sentenced to death along with Manson, but Cali temporarily suspended the death penalty during their years and they were given life sentences instead. Charles Manson is still alive, and has been poisoned, burned, beaten, strangled... but he's still alive in solitary confinement.

Sadie and the family attacked Tate's house because a record producer that refused to give Manson an album deal used to live there. Roman Polanski and his wife Tate moved in shortly after. Manson visited the house before it was attacked to speak with the producer, then sent his Family to kill the residents. Manson widely believed a race war between whites and blacks was coming based on the Book of Revelations and the White Album by the Beatles. He chose to kill some rich white men and make it look as if blacks had did it to create this "war."

Gov. Schwartzennegar and the victims' families are asking for her to be kept in jail for her supposedly last 3 months alive. Atkins husband (someone actually married her after the murders, yes), Susan's brother and the prosecuting attorney who tried the Manson case in the first place both support Atkin's compassionate release since she's in no condition to kill anyone anymore and is probably going to die soon.

Supposedly, while in jail, Atkins like many notorious criminal figures became an Evangelist Christian.

I've studied the case, and that's about as much history as I'm willing to put in one post. What do you guys think about this though? Should she be released, why or why not? She's a heinous murderer, but she's also a burden on the state. She's dying a shitty death, but she's also butchered a pregnant, innocent women and showed no remorse for her.

What do you think?