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Hi everyone!

This is pretty much my first time ever looking around the Cult after my roommate told me about it a few days ago and it looks like a fairly interesting place, so I figured why not become a member?

A little about myself- I'm 20 and from Missoula, MT (and yes, we do claim this as Chuck's favorite place as he mentions it frequently). I'm currently a sophomore in Film school and minoring in Creative Writing, yet I'm still an awful speller.

Invisible Monsters is my favorite book, although Bret Easton Ellis would have to be my favorite writer. Amy Hempel, Sylvia Plath, and Hubert Selby Jr. aren't too bad either...

In general I'm a fairly impractical person. I have very, very high hopes that are ridiculous to even shoot for, but it keeps me feeling alive. So I consider it a fair trade-off.

Also, my roommates and I have a living room in our bar we call "The Palahniuk Bar" and we're looking for drink suggestions. You know, a bunch of cliche names like "The Brandy Alexander" or "Rant's Rum".

Anyways, Cheers!