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Ask A Pornstar


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Hey guys,

This is the chance to ask anything you were ever curious about regarding the porn industry, and what it's like working in it.

Unfortunately, there's not a single thing I can link about myself without inviting a ban, so here are some details.

* I started in porn in 2002. My first gig was a big budget feature with dozens of film crew and background extras watching. I failed. Couldn't get it up.

* After that, I changed my stage name and swindled my way back into the business. Since then, I've done an estimated 900 sex scenes in ~500 skin flicks.

* I was under contract with Video Team (now Metro) as their first male contract star. They forgot to pay me, so I forgot to honor the exclusivity clause for their studio.

* There is a blow up doll with my face on it. It's a waste of money. I have a signature dildo as well.

* My focus has been on women and couples friendly content. I get a lot of grief from my professional peers because I'm not into rough overtly degrading sex.

* There is a Tiger Woods porn parody out staring me.

* Instead of going to porn parties with mountains of coke, I raid in World of Warcraft with my Death Knight tank.

* I just finished playing Mr. T in an A-team porn.

* I have a blog where I call people out on their stupidity. I still get hired. Egotistical bastards like reading about themselves.

My page is almost accurate. It's close enough, I guess:

So that's who I am. Ask me anything about porn.