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Art That's Made You Cry...

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Things that are so poor that they mist up your eyes do not count.

Films, photographs, paintings, melodies, ballads, songs, novels, poetry, lyrics, drawings, whatever... what pieces of art has made you cry? Or, at the very least, given you a profoundly beautiful feeling inside. And why?

I'm not a manly man at all, I'll go.

Eternal Sunshine - it's my favorite film. It was given to me by my ex-girlfriend wrapped in tin foil with a note attached that said, "I want us to be just like this". I watched it the first time and, after it ended, I didn't really like it. Hated the end, especially. I called my girlfriend back and asked her what the hell. They fought so much, and it was depressing, I said. Why? Why should we be like that? She said she didn't see it that way. Eventually I hung up, and then I watched the film again, all the way through. The second time, I realized just what she meant... the first time around I had liked the gorgeous scenes of the memories, but I was disappointed in the end. After seeing it again though, it took on a whole new meaning. I completely turned around. I cried at least twice, I think. It was beautiful. It became my favorite film from then on.

Everclear - Songs from An American Movie, Pt. 1: the song. lyrics are about the singer, Art Alexakis, who can't see his young daughter much anymore because of his divorce. Some lines from the chorus include, "I sit alone in the backyard, wishing I could be inside/Just the sound of my little girl's laughing/Makes me happy just to be alive". It's touching, really...


I don't think I'm the only one this sensitive and womanly. There are probably hundreds more just that I can think of. As you guys and ladies think of something, contribute please!