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The Art of the Steal

Just finished seeing this and was blown away.
I'm not much of an arty-farty type, but what I liked is how this guy, Barnes, also wasn't much of an arty-farty type. Aside from building the largest, most valuable collection of art in the world, he squirreled it away into a small town and built a school around it and did everything he could to keep it away from the whole art establishment world.

Anyways, the movie is about the city of Philadelphia and the art goons trying to steal it all for themselves. Completely disregarding Barnes' Will for his collection to never be moved. It's absolute rape.

What I liked is how, in most movies, it's always the little guy with nothing that's the under dog you root for. Here though, this guy Barnes was pretty much the top dog and when he was alive confounded and insulted everyone in the Philadelphia art world. But after he dies and as the foundation goes through several directors, they just start stripping away his Will, bit by bit.

I don't want to spoil it anymore for anyone, but suffice to say it doesn't have a happy ending and evil wins.
It made me want to go outside and punch the Universe for allowing such an injustice.

If you're wanting a good documentary to see, go watch this one right now!