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Arrested Development vs American Dad

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Perhaps you guys already know this so I apologize in advance. I see that there are a lot of talks about American Dad and I think this issue is so big that it might warrant its own thread.

So I love [URL=]Arrested Development[/URL], and watched it religiously every Sunday night, despite the network's numerous attempt to move the show. It is smart, funny with an amazing ensemble cast and perhaps the ONE thing (aside from Desperate Housewives) that is saving the world from domination from reality tv. It is the one FREE sitcom of its kind (think Curb Your Ethusiasm and others that are available only to HBO subscribers). Now after the debut of American Dad, there were immediate talks by the network to put Arrested Development in hiatus (not order any more episodes, which will ultimately lead to cancellation) to make room for American Dad.

I'm sorry...but what?

I saw American Dad and as most of you would agree it's LAME. It is bascally a rip off of itself. Meaning I guess Seth McFarlane sees the enormous cult following of Family Guy and decides that THIS IS IT...THIS IS THE FORMULA! Hence instead of the talking dog, you have a talking goldfish (ummmkay) and instead of Stewie, you have an alien (ummm...alright?).

I know I know, the first few episodes of Family Guy weren't so great, so maybe this will get better with time. But at the expense of a critically acclaimed show? I can't help but think of Action (Jay Mohr) which was another love-hate child of Fox that was a tad too biting and smart for the networks.

So you have David Cross going on Kimmel where he speculated about what kind of animated/reality/midget/Who’s Your Daddy? hybrid project would replace his show:


I hope Fox puts in its place, like, you know, America’s Cutest Retards. What’s left for them to do? We got midgets trying to pull an elephant. What’s left? We’ve got orphans trying to figure out who their dads are…come on. Let’s go with retards. OK? Let’s do it

And Jason Bateman opening pleading for people to tune in on SNL this past weekend. Even cast member Amy Poehler helped as she wants to keep "things good in the bedroom" with AD cast (GOB). But Bateman knows his fate...all good show that the network pulled (ie Freaks and Geeks, Action) knows...the ratings war. Bateman has no illusions about the show’s timeslot competition, the juggernaut Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: “Who’s going to watch us when they can watch a hot, shirtless guy build a skate ramp for a kid with no bones?”

[URL=]Petition[/URL] to keep it on the air!

Sorry for the rant...ARGH American Dad dont kill Arrested Development with your uber lameness! Apologies to those who enjoy American Dad